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in     by Jean 28-11-2019

During the course of their primary school lives, most children will take part in over 1000 assemblies.


Which provides a significant challenge.  How can one ensure that each day’s assembly has an immediate impact on each child, and then, additionally ensure that some of these assemblies have such an impact that they will be remembered for months (and sometimes even years) to come?


This is the issue that schools face every day through the school year, and it is the issue we looked to solve when we created Assembly Box.


The aim has been to create a series of 350 outstanding assemblies that really engage the pupils and which they will remember over time.


Each assembly is fully scripted and the collection comes with a complete index so that you can choose your assembly by topics as diverse as community and citizenship, saints’ days, black history, social and emotional stories and so on.


What’s more each assembly comes with its own supporting presentation material, and a set of ready-to-use key word cards.   The assemblies can be downloaded and printed out, thus making them immediately usable without further preparation.


What makes assemblies memorable? Engaging content with relatable characters are a key starting point for all your assemblies. At AssemblyBox, our scripts are written to engage not only the mind but the emotions, meaning our assemblies sit with the audience for longer.



Thinking strategies such as 'Think/Peer/Share' are highly valuable tools for delivering key questions throughout the script, thus ensuring that all children are engaged in the process, not just those who put their hands up to answer the question. 


And of course, you. Your enthusiasm and excitement about the story, as shown through your delivery, will help portray the key concepts of the assembly and engage the children. 


It is with much enthusiasm and excitement that we bring you AssemblyBox, Over 350 fully scripted assemblies, each assembly with visual supporting material to increase engagement and understanding. 


Enjoy your assembly!