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An online downloadable resource for Primary School assembly solutions.
High quality, ready to use and designed for you!

With over 350 fully scripted assembly packs at your fingertips, AssemblyBox solves your primary school assembly needs.

Our high quality range of engaging assemblies is available at the click of a button, as and when you need them, saving you time and effort. Simply download and deliver a captivating assembly that meets your school needs within minutes.

From World Religions to International Days, Social and Emotional Stories To Countries and Their National Days, Saint’s Days to Famous People, we’ve covered the occasion and done the hard work for you!

By incorporating an introduction, main story and reflection, all fitting perfectly into a fifteen-minute school assembly session, your primary school assemblies are ready to pick up and use. AssemblyBox really is your one stop assembly shop.

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World religions Image
World Religions

From Diwali to Hanukkah, we’ve got it covered

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Around The World Image
Around The World

Enrich minds by bringing the world to your doorstep.

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Famous People Image
Famous People

Life lessons from people past and present.

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SEAL Assemblies Image
SEAL Assemblies

A wide range of assemblies to cover the SEAL themes.

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A-Z Values Image
A-Z of Values

Promote positive choices and school values.

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Saints Days Image
Saint's Days

Learn about celebrate the lives of the Saints

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International Days Image
International Days

Never miss that International Day again.

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Foundation Stage Image
Foundation Stage

A great range of stories for the younger children.

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Black History Image
Black History Month

A full range of assemblies to support Black History Month.

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Community & Citizenship Image
Community & Citizenship

Develop responsible learners who make a positive contribution to society.

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Free Sample

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A helpful tool to see what’s coming up…

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